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Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D.


I believe that we, human beings, are self healing and that illness is neither inevitable nor acceptable. Today in our standard Western medical system illness is general seen as normal part of life, that is, people often expected to get sick. While many people believe our current medical system mostly "heals" people, the truth is often the exact opposite. For most parts of the current Western medical system, illness is generally seen merely as a deficiency of one  or another prescription medication or in may cases a deficiency in many medications. Too often, when an individual becomes ill and they go to see their doctor, they are more often than not given a prescription for one or more medications without ever actually looking for or considering the cause of that illness.

I have, over my 50 plus years of practicing medicine, learned to see illness as an intelligent process, as an intelligent act of our body to communicate to us that we have one or more unresolved conflicts that need to be dealt with and resolved. I have learned to see what we think of as illness as vital information our body is giving us to tell us about the conflict and why it needs to be resolved. The illness we experience is less often random and more often a consequence of our living with one or more unresolved physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems which are cause internal conflict and upset our stress mechanism and hence our immune, repair, maintenance and healing system so that are malfunctioning in a very specific way to convey a message to us telling us what our body wants us to know, what it wants healed and how you can heal it.

Illness can be telling us that we are eating an inadequate or improper diet, that we are making poor food choices or inadequate preparation. It can be telling us that we have been or are being exposed to one or more toxic chemicals and/or poisonous substances in our immediate environment. It can be telling us that we are not taking care of our selves correctly. That we are not solving one or more important issue in our life such as our relationship with other (spouse, children, parents, family, friends, employer, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) That we are not in the right job or career. That we are not living where we should be living. That we are not dealing well with people around us or they are not dealing well with us. What illness tells us is that something is wrong either inside or out side of us and we must find the reason and deal with it. All negative situations in our life must be considered, evaluated, and the problems that standout dealt with. When illness occurs it is usually telling us that we are not dealing with something we need to deal with. Multiple studies tell us that anywhere from 60% to 90% of all illnesses seen in medical practice  are either caused by or made worse by stress. Today, I believe that the most common reason for illness is unresolved stress. Stress due to our inability to handled life situations, our finances, our relationships, because of unresolved issues with children, parents, spouse, family and job or career. In many cases even unresolved spiritual issues.

My life and professional career has primarily been about understanding the role if stress and the role of our body and failure of our internal healing systems causing illness. I have spent years looking at and talking with my patients and with other professionals about how we heal stress related illnesses as well as all other reasons for illness.  I have spent a great deal of time looking at how individual who are not getting help from the standard Western medical system can heal themselves. I have written sever dozen books on what causes illness and on the various aspects of healing and how people can learn to heal themselves We talk about not just about treating but about how to create healing and return to wellness. I invite you to use this website and my CV Advanced Wellness website as a jumping off place to find out more about yourself, who you really are and what your life can ultimately be like when you fully understand how to activate your natural power to heal yourself.

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