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Medical and Non-Medical Websites
Created By Allen Lawrence, M.D.

          Medical Links

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Web Site Address - Link

  Wellness on the Web   http://www.YourPersonalWebMD.Com/
  Stress-Related Disorders Book   http://SRDBook.Com
  30-Days to No More PMS   http://www.30DaysToNoMorePMS.Com
  30-Days to No More Iron Deficiency Anemia   http://www.30DaysToNoMoreIDA.Com
  Healing the Stresses of Your Life   http://www.HealingTheStressesOfYourLife.Com
  Huna - Ancient Miracle Practices and the Future of Medicine   http://www.AncientMiracleHealing.Com
  When Your Body Talks, Listen!   http://www.WhenYourBodyTalks.Com
  I Healed MySelf   http://www.IHealedMySelf.Com


Non-Medical Web Links
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  Palm Springs Guides   http://www.PalmSpringsGuides.Com

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