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Interventive, Preventive and Integrative Medicine

There are actually three very different types of medicines being practiced in the western world; Interventive Medicine and Preventive Medicine. Both types of medicine are extremely important and valuable.

Interventive Medicine is based on the construct that when a person becomes ill the Interventive physician, the bulk of Western medical practitioners, acts to manage and/or control both the symptoms and the illness and/or disease process using physical examination, diagnostic and laboratory testing, prescription medications, surgery and/or radiation to treat symptoms and mange the underlying disease process. In other words, the Interventive physician best functions when their patient is already sick or becoming sick. In order to qualify for Interventive medicine you first have to get sick. Generally, with exception of annual examinations, well-baby care and immunizations, Interventive physicians have little interest working with or helping well patients.

The Preventive Medicine on the other hand, operates from the belief that true prevention, that is preventing illness before it occurs, is the best approach to protecting their patients. They use information, education, life style changes such as nutrition, diet, exercise, problem solving and engage the power of the individualís body and mind to help their client-patients protect themselves against becoming ill. When necessary, the Preventive practitioner, helps their client-patients heal developing conflicts before illness can ultimately occur. The Preventive physician does not wait until their patient is already ill, they work with their client-patients to help them prevent illness. The Preventive practitioner works to help their client-patients prevent becoming ill in the first place.

Integrative Medicine is which until recently had commonly been referred to as Alternative Medicine involves both Allopathic (Standard Western Medical Doctors and practitioners, and alternative medicine practitioners working together to prevent, treat, and heal individuals before, during and after illness. Integrative practitioners often use a multitude of techniques from shamanism to standard Western medicine. While Standard Western medical practitioners often require scientific proof that techniques and prescription medications are proven to be effective, have been studied and accepted by the medical profession, Integrative practitioners can use a host of antidotally "proven" treatments, traditional medical treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, and a host of other none proven treatments to both treat and heal.

In our current society, the greatest majority of Western physicians are Interventive rather than Preventive and/or Integrative physicians. At present, perhaps this is exactly the way it should be. For the past several hundred years physicians had little information or understanding regarding what disease and illness were actually caused by nor how to heal them. For most of mankind's history there were few real schools that taught the tools for healing. Most taught tools for treating and for the most part we did well for our patients but we failed on two very vital counts: 1) we have never really learned how to prevent most illnesses, and 2) we have not learned how to heal most illnesses. There still is little information about true prevention and almost no information on how to heal most illnesses.

Many years ago preventive was relegated to dealing sanitation, protecting our water supply, and preventing a few very dangerous and destructive diseases such as cholera, typhoid, polio, rabies, yellow fever, and malaria. It was not until World War I that we really developed even a fledgling understanding of prevention and it was not until after World War II that any sizable number of individuals had the means by which to pay for or even consider paying for prevention.

While Interventive Medicine has unceasingly moved toward modernization, so have the grass roots proponents of Integrated and Preventive Medicine. Integrative Medicine has really taken off since the creation of the internet and the ability to disseminate massive amounts of information and knowledge. There is now also an endless stream of ideas and new understandings about prevention.

Many years ago, I recognized that my head and heart were firmly entrenched in Preventive and Integrative Medicines. Repairing lacerations and fractured bones, removing diseased organs, tumors, managing cancers with surgery and radiation as well as managing pain with a sophisticated medication pharmacopeia is still the bed-rock foundation of Western Interventive Medicine. But while I did this for many years, I ultimately recognized that we ultimately were missing the boat in Interventive Medicine for even though we controlled and managed pain and symptoms of many illnesses, we rarely cured most illnesses. Western medicine rarely helps when stress is the underlying cause of their client-patients illness and we were more often then not, leaving our patient to become sicker and sicker and over time eventually developing one or more chronic illnesses, diseases or disorders, temporary or permanent disability and commonly suffer a premature death.

Fortunately, in recent years Preventive and Integrative medicine practitioners are stepping in to help and redirect our efforts from waiting until individuals are ill to dealing more with changing lifestyle, diet, fitness and positive thinking and offering alternative choices to help individuals prevent becoming ill or injured in the first place.

As long as we humans have physical bodies and we are active, there will always be an important need for Interventive Medicine, however, the need and call for Preventive and Integrated Medicine is now greater than ever. These two ways of thinking and treating are rapidly on the rise and possibly by the mid portion of the 21st century they will reach a level where the average citizen will say to themselves, "Why do I first need to get sick, in order to heal my health problems, why don't I just do what I need to do to prevent them from ever being a problem."

While I do understand that neither prevention nor healing are perfect sciences, I also understand that neither is Interventive Medicine perfect nor based on a perfect science. Interventive Medicine does not and apparently cannot save every life or help everyone. Alone each type of medicine has its faults and problems. Working together they combine to become a much more formidable system of support to help us prevent illness, strengthen our human core systems and console us in knowing that if we were to become injured or ill, that we have a system that can take over and work as hard as possible to return us to good health and total well-being. We then can return not just to optimal health and well being, but we can also restart the dynamic process of protecting ourselves through prevention and healing those illnesses and problems which can be prevented and/or healed.

I am an Integrative-Preventive practitioner and proud of it. It is in this spirit that I offer my training and expertise to my patients. I will work with everyone I see to help them first prevent all possible illness, and then, if they should become ill, help them heal their illnesses rather than simply treating symptoms or waiting until their condition has reached the state of a chronic illness, disability or premature death.

Within my website and the others I write for, edit or manage, my goal is to provide positive information directed at helping my readers first prevent, next heal and if these fail, at least understand the most appropriate and natural, drug free, surgery free methods of treating and managing their problems. Let us enjoy learning, growing and evolving together!

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